Protecting and Educating the Orphaned child

Eruisaku Foundation is dedicated to providing support to the orphaned, homeless, disabled and out-of-school children in Nigeria.
Eruisaku is more than an orphanage home, the foundation is focused on not only providing shelter but also education to children. 
Eruisaku is founded in Germany but the orphanage home and school will operate in Nigeria.


Who We Are

A backbone to the abandoned

Imagine a world where there are no homeless children, a world where a child is not afraid to face the next rising sun, a world where a child is simply a child and does not have to hawk on the streets to survive, a world where every single child is educated...

This is the vision of Eruisaku foundation



Making A Difference



One step at a time


Accommodation and Welfare

We are one big family

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Love and Care

Providing sense of belonging


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