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About Us


The driving force

Eruisaku Foundation is all about love and commitment in not only planting a seed of hope in a young life but being active in the process of creating a bright future to a child once abandoned thereby helping create a more safe society...

The Aims of Eruisaku foundation are:

  • To help the less privileged in society

  • To provide education, accommodation and support to the orphaned, out-of-school street children

  • To assist the disabled children in society

  • To improve the quality of life through sustainable economic empowerment programmes and skill acquisition

  • To promote and encourage skill acquisition

  • To engange in poverty and development research

Become a member, Join us!

Become a member and support the association. You can join the association either as an active member or as a sponsoring member. If you have any questions about membership, please contact us.

Incidentally, participation in the projects supported by the association does not depend on association membership.

Description of the types of membership

  • Ordinary membership includes full membership rights, the minimum fee is € 25 per year. You can of course pay more

  • The sponsoring membership (e.g companies, organizations, individuals) is a membership without voting rights, the minimum contribution is 25 € per year.

  • Student Membership: membership fee is free for students. If you are a student, please select student option and enter 0 as membership fee.

Please fill in the form and select the type of membership and the fee amount. You are free to pay more than the minimum fee.

Membership Form
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